Entrepreneurship comes in many forms. It’s not just starting a fortune 500 company out of your garage. When I first started buying my eggs from my neighbor, I didn’t realize I was supporting a new entrepreneur. It wasn’t till I found I was buying a large amount of produce from her that I thought hmmm, that can be a business. I was quite proud of myself when I told her so, I was humbled rather quickly, when she explained that it already was. That’s when I learned more about hobby farms. Most entrepreneurs in this niche of work start gardening just to have healthier options for their own family. My neighbor, who is a mother of two small children. Explained what made it the best business plan for her was how flexible Front Gardengardening can be. On top of saving her family of four over 300 dollars a month is groceries, it also can bring in several hundred dollars in income every season. From selling the extras to people who seen her garden. I was surprised she never actually had to find customers they actively sought her out.

After hearing how her small city garden was so effective, I decided to look into how larger hobby farms and what they offered the owner. After asking around I found that hobby farms all worked in different ways. Some you paid 1/4 of the gardening cost and helped cultivate the plants one week a month, others you paid a set amount and received a percentage of what grew that season. It didn’t take long for me to find local dairy and meat producers. I found many produced both and would make up to $70,000 a year off of their produce with as little as 3 acres of land. They all informed me that their business was all handled by word of mouth, saving them countless time and money of not having to handle a website or net work. All they had to do was answer their home phone or the door bell.

As I continued to ask around, I learned that some of these small hobby farms still counted as just that a hobby. When filing taxes in the beginning stages the government didn’t see them as real business giving them a huge tax brake.  “This allows these small farmers to grow into something substantial for all of us” Jason hope explained. Until their farms, became a stable source of income many new hobby farmers actually received a tax brake. Which just goes to show sometimes entrepreneurship really does start small, before it grows into a real cash crop.